One of the most important aspects of career fulfillment is securing the right position and working in a field that utilizes your key strengths and areas of expertise. Some clients have identified and followed their career goals from the moment that they entered college. However, some individuals need career counseling and coaching to discover their true passion and unique skills, examine and overcome areas of weakness, develop a career path, and establish effective job search strategies.


Nancy Hedrick, CPRW and Owner of The Professional Edge has a proven track record of providing career development for her local and national clients. Ms. Hedrick's career coaching sessions have been influential in helping her clients negotiate salaries and acquire rewarding positions that utilize their professional and academic background.

Most individuals spend over 40 hours a week working for a company or operating a business. As a result, it is important that you discover your vision and utilize your individual talents to ensure professional and financial rewards.


Take control of your life by scheduling your career counseling or coaching session and increase your chances of obtaining professional growth, career satisfaction, and goal attainment.


The Professional Edge offers interview coaching to prepare clients for the meeting. Clients are encouraged to discuss concerns and specific areas they would like to focus on during the session. Customized and common interview questions are presented during the consultation, which helps produce effective outcomes. Nancy does not encourage memorization, instead clients are offered suggestions regarding the type of information hiring managers are seeking. Coaching includes advice regarding responses, appropriate length of answers, questions to propose, helpful feedback on handling negative situations, and company research. Ms. Hedrick will critique your answers so you can portray your best impression to the interview panel that you face.

Over 95% of our interview coaching clients have obtained rewarding local and national positions. Nancy’s interview coaching skills reflect her expertise in career document development, professional resume writing consulting services, educational background in Communication Studies, Dale Carnegie training, and Graduate Assistant leadership role.


Impressing hiring managers can be difficult at times, but Nancy has led her clients to conquer each interview with class.

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