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Every day recruiters and companies are looking for candidates on LinkedIn to see if their profiles are strong, well-written, showcase valuable credentials, reveal accomplishments, and uncover soft skills that align with the corporate culture. The Professional Edge has created powerful LinkedIn profiles for our national client base, in addition to producing effective résumés or curriculum vitae and cover letters. The LinkedIn profiles that Nancy writes contain keywords and highlight client's professional background, valuable contributions, leadership skills, core philosophy, and mission statement that recruiters and companies are seeking. Our LinkedIn profiles have also enhanced client's professional presence and company image, increased sales, secured new clients, improved networking, and effectively announced a new position or promotion.


The Professional Edge Résumé & Business Services LinkedIn profile writing includes a telephone consultation, content development of all sections, a Microsoft Word document for review and approval, site uploading, and a customized LinkedIn URL. If you are not comfortable providing Nancy with your username and password for site uploading, your Microsoft Word document will enable you to copy and paste the content into the appropriate sections of your LinkedIn profile. 


Below are two very short LinkedIn profile summaries and headlines created by The Professional Edge. It is important to mention that the character limitation for LinkedIn profile summaries is 2,600 words. As a result, Nancy produces significantly longer and more effective client summaries. LinkedIn profiles also contain additional sections including professional experience and descriptions, education, certifications, publications, and patents designed to showcase your expertise. Clients have received numerous leads, interviews, positions, recommendations, and endorsements from our professionally written LinkedIn profiles. 


Improve your job search and enhance your professional image by hiring The Professional Edge to create your LinkedIn profile. It is an important document that should accompany most résumé service packages.

The Professional Edge Resume & Business Services LinkedIn Profile Writing.


Visionary Healthcare Executive

Innovative healthcare leader with a proven record of producing a top regional hospital committed to delivering quality care. Led the development and implementation of new departments and programs that provided extensive services to all patient populations. Recruited and retained exceptional physicians in all specialty areas committed to patient-centered services and state-of-the-art technology. 

Ensure safety, inclusion, diversity, and a strong supportive culture in all departments, clinics, and services.
Please contact me to discuss programs, projects, or career opportunities that will contribute to the success of the hospital.

The Professional Edge Resume & Business Services LinkedIn profile summary writing example.


Leading National Sales Manager

Dynamic sales manager with eight years of expertise leading national teams to produce impressive results. Recruited and trained high performing account executives to secure and grow accounts, exceed sales goals, provide award-winning services, and achieve high client retention rates.

Effective managerial leadership and coaching developed top national sales leaders. Recognized for acknowledging success through incentive programs, performance awards, and promotions. 

Directed numerous product launches that brought new technology to national clients and contributed to corporate growth.

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