​All Professional Edge résumé service fees include a confidential two hour telephone consultation intended to obtain valuable information used to produce individualized, high-impact career documents. If the session exceeds the two hour period, clients are charged an additional $30.00 an hour for the extra consulting time.


Our fees include professional writing, editing, and design of Microsoft Word and PDF documents submitted to your inbox within 24 to 48 hours. The majority of our clients prefer electronic submission and do not request prints or a CD of their documents. However, five prints and a compact disc of career document files are available upon request, but a shipping fee will be added to the invoice.

The Professional Edge Résumé & Business Services charges standard industry fees based upon clients' professional career level and total years of work experience. As a result, if you locate other résumé services with lower fees, it is highly unlikely that you will be working with a Certified Professional Résumé Writer (CPRW). These companies also typically use standardized résumé builders and they incorporate generic information that will not reveal the depth of your achievements and professional background.


Call or send us an email today to receive well-written and beautifully designed résumés, curriculum vitae, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles that will increase your job search outcome. Working with Nancy Hedrick, CPRW and Owner of The Professional Edge might be the beginning of launching a new exciting career and perhaps be the determining factor in turning your professional dreams into reality.

Professional Edge Entry-Level/Student Résumé or Update 

(0 - 3 years of total work experience)

Professional Edge Mid-Career Résumé or Update

(4+ years of total work experience)

Professional Edge Mid-Level Management/Director Résumé or Update 

Professional Edge Executive Résumé or Update

Professional Edge IT Résumé or Update 

Professional Edge Curriculum Vitae or Update (2 - 4 pages)

5+ pages - An additional $25.00 a page

Professional Edge Federal Résumé or Update

(including military to civilian)

LinkedIn Profile - Services include a consultation, content development, endorsement skills section creation, and site uploading

Professional Edge Reference Page

Professional Edge Cover Letter or Thank You Letter

Professional Edge Career Counseling or Career Coaching

Professional Edge Interview Coaching

Contact The Professional Edge to obtain a quote for promotional

material creation, freelance writing, or document design services.

The Professional Edge offers a referral program.

A $5.00 coupon is provided for each referral, which can be used

on any professional edge service within 12 months of issue date.


Full payment is required prior to all telephone sessions via PayPal invoicing. Clients will receive an e-mail invoice to complete using their credit card which is fast, simple, and safe. Career documents are submitted electronically within 24 to 48 hours following the consultation.

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