The Professional Edge Résumé & Business Services serves clients in Kansas, Missouri, and throughout the United States. Take your career to a new level and gain the confidence that you need to pursue your professional dreams. If you strive for excellence in all that you do, we have the résumé writing expertise to skillfully craft your career documents by highlighting your valuable contributions, proven capabilities, and the depth of your professional background. Our two hour telephone consultations, strategic questions, powerful writing, and high-impact designs will increase your job search outcomes. 

In order to meet client requests, all Professional Edge résumés and cover letters are submitted within 24 to 48 hours so you can begin impressing hiring managers and recruiters right away. There are no hidden fees for fast document delivery because we understand the importance of timely execution and exceptional quality that professionals demand and deserve.


If you have an existing résumé and cover letter, please send it to us prior to your consultation and include one or two target job announcements, if you have located some exciting openings. Reviewing these documents will allow Nancy to gain valuable insight of your credentials and the specific qualifications that your target company is seeking. Whether you are actively pursuing a new career or wish to explore rewarding professional roles, it is advantageous to have a professionally written résumé to present to prospective companies, recruiters, and your contacts. In addition to possessing a powerful Professional Edge résumé, you will gain a new appreciation of your accomplishments that will hopefully inspire you to grow in all aspects of your career.


Federal positions, including openings posted on USAJOBS require federal résumés. Specific information must be included for your application to be accepted. Consequently, The Professional Edge will send you a federal résumé questionnaire containing basic information that will be included in your specialized career documents. During your two hour consultation, critical details will be uncovered and highlighted in your Professional Edge federal résumé. 

The Professional Edge has experience creating effective federal résumés and cover letters that have been submitted to various federal agencies. As a result, we are dedicated to revealing the right content, qualifications, and achievements that each position requires. We also assist with application answers and produce essays that are requested in some federal job application packages.  


The Professional Edge Résumé & Business Services develops impressive curriculum vitae for a variety of industries. Occasionally clients question whether they should submit a curriculum vitae or a résumé to apply for a target role. The best way to solve this dilemma is to send The Professional Edge your current career documents so we can determine the right approach.

Over the years, The Professional Edge has crafted curriculum vitae and cover letters for physicians, attorneys, professors, administrators, and other professionals that resulted in national appointments and positions. An impressive curriculum vitae is essential to achieve unlimited success. Nancy knows the secrets that will help you secure an outstanding job and possibly launch a career with one of the top companies in the United States.


Cover letters are the only way to provide a proper introduction to prospective employers. They should always accompany a résumé or curriculum vitae revealing why you are the perfect candidate for the position. Clients frequently request a generic cover letter; however, a universal letter rarely produces interviews. Instead, Professional Edge cover letters are written for specific jobs. We are also skilled at developing networking letters created for target companies that do not have current job openings.


There are many important elements of an effective cover letter and Ms. Hedrick will convince hiring managers that you are the ideal candidate fully equipped to deliver exceptional results. The Professional Edge has developed thousands of impressive cover letters, résumés, and curriculum vitae that resulted in interviews and rewarding positions so let our writing skills help you secure the position of your dreams.

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