Every year there are new developments in recruitment, executive searches, and job placement. Perhaps the latest trend is presenting a strong, dynamic professional presence on LinkedIn. Recruiters and hiring managers are actively searching LinkedIn for potential candidates that can bring valuable talent to their companies. The Professional Edge understands this concept and we have created powerful LinkedIn profiles for our national client base, in addition to producing high-impact résumés and cover letters. Professional Edge LinkedIn profiles highlight our clients' professional background, valuable contributions, and contain keywords that attract corporations, small and mid-sized companies, and non-profit organizations.


Our LinkedIn profile writing services include a telephone consultation, content development, site uploading, and creation of the specialized skills section designed for your contacts to endorse. Clients have received numerous leads, interviews, positions, recommendations, and endorsements from our professionally written LinkedIn profiles.


Improve your job search and enhance your professional image by hiring The Professional Edge to create your LinkedIn profile. It is an important document that should accompany most résumé service packages.   

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